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The most beautiful sights in Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen and environs

Impressive gorges, a unique observatory, and sophisticated cities

Your world is the mountains but you still want to experience the pulsating city life and get to know the region and its people? Then take a day and explore the numerous sights in Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen and the surrounding area.

Here is a selection of highlights you should not miss:

Thurn Castle and its sacred art

Behind the old stone walls of the former courthouse in the heart of Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen, lie very special treasures. Ancient altarpieces and consecrated panels from the 16th century, early Baroque statues of saints, and religious paintings can be admired in this regional museum.

Collepietra/Steinegg Museum and rural life

Do you want to embark on an exciting journey into the world of our ancestors? Then the Collepietra/Steinegg Museum is the right place for you. Ancient wooden rooms, chambers, workspaces, and the Resurrection Chapel take you back to the past of South Tyrol.

Collepietra/Steinegg castle ruins – the impressive double castle

There is not much left to explore from the former imposing double castle below the village of Collepietra/Steinegg. Nevertheless, an excursion to this sight in Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen is a highlight for castle fans and romantics. The ascent to the castle is a bit adventurous and surefootedness is required.

Cornedo/Karneid castle – one of the most beautiful castles in the world

Above Val d’Ega/Eggental gorge near Cardano/Kardaun towers one of the most beautiful castles in South Tyrol: the Cornedo/Karneid castle. Since 2006, the complex, which consists of a keep, tower, palace, and chapel, can be visited. The fresco “Triumph of Death” is especially impressive.

St. Helena church and its historical art treasures

According to legend, this little church stands on silver steps. In fact, a historical art treasure is hidden in the church, which is small and inconspicuous from the outside. The murals are precious testimonies to the High Gothic period and amaze viewers.

Pilgrimage place of Maria Weißenstein – the cathedral in the Dolomites

The cathedral in the Dolomites – this is the name given to the impressive pilgrimage church in Weißenstein, which is regarded as a unique place of energy in an untouched natural landscape. The history of the Basilica Minor dates back to 1553, when the mountain farmer Leonhard Weißensteiner was said to have seen St. Mary after falling into a gorge. In July 1988, Pope John Paul II visited the place of pilgrimage. Photos were then shared across the world.

Bletterbach gorge – the Grand Canyon of South Tyrol

In nearby Aldino/Aldein, lies South Tyrol’s most famous geological highlight: the GEOPARC Bletterbach. The “Grand Canyon” of South Tyrol can be explored along a nature trail that gives you a glimpse into the origins of the Dolomites and the world of rocks. Experience 40 million years of Earth’s history at every turn.

Latemarium – hiking in the adventure world

On eight impressive adventure trails, discoverers of all ages can immerse themselves in the spectacular mountain world of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Numerous works of art, interactive learning stations, relaxation areas, viewing platforms, weather stations, and Alpine huts line the path and invite you to marvel, discover, and enjoy.


San Valentino in Campo/Gummer – discover the star village

With us, you can really reach for the stars on holiday. In nearby San Valentino in Campo/Gummer, you can look at the universe at the Max Valier observatory, fly through the cosmos in the planetarium, and wander through the solar system on the idyllic planet trail.

Carezza/Karersee lake – a jewel in the mountains

The emerald green lake in Val d’Ega/Eggental is considered one of the most beautiful postcard pictures in South Tyrol. Embedded in an impressive mountain scenery, Carezza/Karersee lake is also known as the fairy-tale lake of the Dolomites. According to legend, the sorcerer Masaré threw pieces of the rainbow and jewels into the lake out of heartache, which is why the lake shimmers so beautifully.

Dolce vita and sightseeing in Bolzano/Bozen

About half an hour’s drive from our hotel in Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen is Bolzano/Bozen, the pulsating provincial capital. In addition to numerous shopping opportunities, interesting museums await you here, such as the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum with the famous glacier mummy, Ötzi, the Museion for Modern and Contemporary Art, and Reinhold Messner’s museum, the MMM Firmian, in a fortress just outside the city.


Merano/Meran: the sophisticated spa town with a special flair

The beautiful spa town, which Empress Sissi already loved, has retained much of its Art Nouveau architecture. You shouldn’t miss the beautifully landscaped promenades, the design thermal baths, and the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, or a shopping stroll through the arcades of the medieval old town.