Our hotel with a sauna in South Tyrol: a hot tip

Lean back, close your eyes, and relax

At our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol, you can expect pure relaxation after an eventful day full of action in nature. Treat your body and soul to the necessary feeling of peace of mind, enjoy the soothing warmth on your skin, and enjoy the lightness of being in our sauna area. After a visit to the Finnish sauna, hay sauna, salt water steam bath, or infrared cabin, you will feel like a new-born. 

An overview of our saunas

Finnish sauna (90° C at 10% to 30% humidity)
It’s scientifically proven: the alternation of soothing warmth and refreshing cold has a positive effect on one’s health. At a temperature of around 90° C and low humidity, your body starts to sweat properly – with positive side effects. A sauna session has a positive effect on the mood, strengthens the immune system, increases performance, relaxes and cleanses the body, and stimulates circulation and metabolism. 

Hay sauna (60° C at approx. 50% humidity) 
Inhale, exhale, breathe deeply: a visit to our hay sauna is like a stay in the Alpine mountains. Lean back, close your eyes, and leave everyday life behind you in the rustic atmosphere of a mountain farm. In the humid, warm air, the active ingredients of the grasses and herbs can fully reveal themselves. The substances are absorbed by the body via the skin and the respiratory tract, giving you a new sense of well-being. 

Salt water steam bath (50° C at 100% humidity) 
Take a deep breath and relax – there’s nowhere better than in our salt water steam bath. Inhale the essential oils of various medicinal plants and enjoy the unique feeling on the skin. The beneficial active ingredients enter the body via the respiratory tract and the skin and let their positive effects reveal themselves. Thanks to the special salt water nebulisation, the skin also absorbs valuable minerals.

Infrared cabin (35° C)
Take a seat in our infrared cabin and enjoy the soothing deep warmth that relaxes the muscles, relieves pain, and removes toxins from the cells.

Ice fountain 
The cooling ice flakes provide a welcome refreshment after the sauna session. By rubbing ice on the skin, the circulation is stimulated and the immune system is strengthened. Positive side effect: skin is tightened at the same time.

Experience shower
At our hotel in Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen, showers become an experience. Be enveloped in the cool, fragrant mist of the refreshment programme or be surprised by the experience cycle. From pine wood to apple blossom – the different intensive scents enliven your senses and free your respiratory tract. The coordinated colour effects bring your body, mind, and soul back into harmony. 

Swiss stone pine relaxation room  
The positive characteristics of Swiss stone pine, the “Queen of the Alps”, have been known for many years. Swiss stone pine not only improves the quality of sleep, but also reduces the heart rate and thus calms the body and mind. Lean back, watch the flames dance, and enjoy the unique feeling of complete relaxation!

Forest relaxation room
At the centre of the room is the wonderful light image by “light emotionist” Tobias Raphael Ackermann. Take a seat on a comfortable lounger and escape from everyday life. You will have the feeling of being in the middle of an idyllic mountain forest. Can you imagine something more beautiful after a sauna?