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Winter hiking in the Dolomites

Step by step to holiday happiness

The snow crystals sparkle like diamonds in the winter sun while your gaze wanders over the impressive rock formations and a pleasant feeling of peace overcomes you. Winter hiking in the Dolomites is a blessing for the body, mind, and soul. All around our hotel in Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen, you will find a multitude of winter hikes that will lead you into dreamy landscapes. No matter whether you walk to the idyllic little church of St. Helena, explore Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen on the panoramic hiking trail, hike to the Wölflhof farm, or marvel at the mystical Carezza/Karersee lake during the cold season – winter hiking in the Dolomites warms your heart. Speaking of warmth: after your return to the hotel, our saunas and the indoor pool invite you to relax. Take a seat and let your winter adventures pass in review before we spoil you with a fabulously delicious 3-course menu.